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    Hire us for a clean, great smelling home without the extra hassle! With Eco friendly products we are safe for the earth but also for your allergies, pets and children!

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    Bronze Standard | Silver Deep Clean | Gold Move in/Out

    Hourly Rates include Two Cleaners

    Regularly Scheduled Cleaning Service $65/hour

    This is our standard cleaning solution that is for regularly cleaned homes. Our first time out we charge our hourly rate listed on our cleaning checklist for the Bronze Standard Clean, at that time we will give you a fixed rate for the recurring cleanings. We offer contracts that lock in the fixed rate for up to 1 year or as few as 3 months.

    Silver Package

    Deep Cleaning  $70/hour

    This is our deep clean solution for occupied homes in need of extra attention. Many first time cleanings will require the Silver package. This package includes everything on the bronze checklist plus the option to add:

    • Window Cleaning
    • Dust blinds
    • Wiping baseboards.

    Homes that have never been cleaned professionally can sometimes take longer to get to the surfaces, so expect about 1.5 hours per 1000 square feet.

    Gold Package Pricing and Details

    Gold Package

    Move in Move out/Detailed Cleaning $75/hour

    Whether getting ready for a party, your picky in-laws, or moving in or out of a home, we will dig down extra deep to find all the dirt, dust and grime we can get to and eliminate it. This cleaning will include all standard cleaning plus the options to add on: 

    • Window Cleaning
    • Wiping all baseboards
    • Interior of Cabinets/Closet Shelves
    • Fireplace

    All move In/Out cleanings will require the Gold package.

  • Photos

    Sit back Relax and let us clean your house!

    In the Kitchen!

    In the kitchen we clean the exteriors of the stove, stove top, and microwave, scrub the interior of the microwave, and clean every square inch of counter tops

    Also In the Kitchen

    We scrub the sink out, polish the faucets, wipe down the trash container, wipe all counter tops, and of course sweep and mop the floors

    In the Bathroom

    We scrub the tub/Shower, polish the faucets, empty the trash container, wipe all counter tops, and sweep and mop the floors

    In the Bathroom

    The toilet is cleaned thoroughly inside and outside.

    In the Bathroom

    The toilet is cleaned thoroughly inside and outside

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    We are currently available to clean within the following N. Georgia counties: Bartow, Cherokee, Floyd, Gordon, Cobb, Paulding, N. Fulton.

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  • Why Choose Us

    Established in 2016, Herban Clean is a premier professional green cleaning company located in Cartersville, the heart of North Georgia. We use a proven cleaning system that has been around for over 6 years at City Maid Green and has great reviews.


    We use products from one of the only green cleaning providers on the market today that are actually completely GREEN.


    Most commercial green cleaners still use:

    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (a known carcinogen)
    • Synthetic fragrances (hormone disrupting)
    • Harmful ingredients that are petroleum based. 

    The cleaning products we use:

    • Don’t use any sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or toxic chemicals
    • Are plant driven all the way down to the last ingredient
    • Naturally anti-viral and anti-bacterial from an infusion of organic essential oils
    • Are biodegradable and won’t pollute our water systems or soil
    • Are aroma-therapeutic as well as tough on bacteria

    Our cleaning products won’t cause headaches, skin irritation or breathing difficulty and they smell incredible!

    Learn more about the products we use at www.citymaidgreen.com

    100% MADE IN THE USA

    We Love Our Planet

    Clean with us and keep your conscience clean too!

    Protect the Earth, Pets, and children, clean green with us today!

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